Brothers Jailed in UK ‘Crash for Cash’ Scam

Two brothers at the heart of one of the country’s biggest ever ‘crash for cash’ scams have been jailed. Rezwan Javed and his older brother, Rehan, each benefited by about $1.5 million U.S. dollars from the scam.

The brothers ran North West Claims Centre Ltd, a Burnley company that managed insurance claims. The two organized fraudulent claims following collisions deliberately caused by other members of an organized crime group, including Mohammed Patel.

In October 2008, Patel admitted being the driver in more than 90 forced collision between 2005 and 2008; all led to exaggerated and fraudulent insurance claims, according to authorities.

The claimants earned compensation for personal injuries and Patel earned a fee for driving the cars. The largest profit went to North West Claims, the company that processed the claims.

The company made hundreds of thousands of pounds from solicitors’ referral fees, courtesy car hire and the storage and recovery of cars involved in the collisions.

The brothers used the same engineer to examine the cars involved in the collisions. To support the claims, engineer reports exaggerated and in some cases made up the damage alleged.

Source: Insurance Fraud Bureau