ICBC Renews Contract with eAutoclaims

eAutoclaims announced that Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) has renewed its initial agreement with eAutoclaims for providing managed repair services through the Guaranteed Repair Network to their consumers traveling in the United States.

ICBC will continue to utilize the eAutoclaims Appraisal Assignment Network of managed independent appraisers to supplement the shop network.

Jim Heinekey, regional manager Material Damage for ICBC, stated, “We have been pleased with the performance of eAutoclaims’ services to date and thus have renewed our agreement with the Company. Our consumers have greater confidence and appreciate the extended coverage we provide with the eAutoclaims solution to repair their vehicle wherever they travel throughout North America. eAutoclaims’ representatives are responsive to our needs and the shop and independent appraiser networks are well-managed while offering consistent service. ICBC is committed to providing prompt, courteous service and fair settlement to our clients and eAutoclaims is delivering on their promise to help us continue to extend this level of service to our customers traveling in the U.S.”

eAutoclaims has provided service to ICBC and its consumers for the past two years. Eric Seidel, eAutoclaims president and CEO, stated, “ICBC has been a great client to work with and there is no better affirmation of the value of the services eAutoclaims provides than having a client renew their contract. We look forward to exploring future opportunities, and we are committed to continuing to provide ICBC and their customers with prompt and consistent services that are consumer driven.”

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a provincial Crown Corporation established in 1973 to provide universal auto insurance to BC motorists. In addition, the Corporation is responsible for driver licensing, vehicle registration and licensing. In addition to providing this basic insurance, the Corporation competes with other automobile insurance companies by offering extended third-party legal liability and other optional insurance coverage such as collision and comprehensive coverage.