New CII Online Insurance Dictionary “Explains All” Insurance Terms

Two weeks after it launched an in-depth on-line dictionary of finance and investment terms (See IJ Web site, May 2), the U.K.’s Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has followed it up with an in-depth dictionary of insurance.

“From ‘abandonment of events’ to ‘zillmerisation,’ ‘accidental bodily injury’ to ‘zero-beta asset,” the dictionary provides detailed definitions of over 3,500 terms,” said an association bulletin.

The CII described the new dictionary as “covering all branches of insurance and related subjects like pensions, financial services regulation and risk management.” It also includes many legal and financial expressions commonly employed in the industry as well as many troublesome phrases which can appear in policies – expressions like “left unattended and pay on behalf of.” It explains as well as defines and is effectively a concise online technical encyclopaedia for insurance practitioners.

“Published in association with FT Prentice Hall, the dictionary has been written by Carol Bennett, a trainer, adviser and tutor on insurance with many years’ experience in the industry,” the announcement continued. “A purpose-designed database system fully exploits the possibilities of the online format, with comprehensively linked cross-referencing and a powerful search engine.”

“Terminology is central to insurance,” Robert Cunnew, CII head of information services, stressed, “and no practitioner can be expected to understand every ter m they come across in the course of their business. This online dictionary ensures they will always have the facts at their fingertips – the latest offering in an ever-expanding package of support services offered by CII Information Services.”

The new service is available to all CII members and to corporate subscribers to CII Information Services.

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