Cops: New York Man Drives Jeep Through Pizzeria Sign

Police say Ryan Fleckenstein didn’t like the message displayed on the sign outside a Buffalo-area pizzeria, so he drove his vehicle into the sign.

WGRZ-TV in Buffalo reports that police in North Tonawanda say Fleckenstein is the son of the former owners of Pizza Junction, which was recently sold to a new owner and reopened as Vito’s Avenue Pizza.

The large sign on the sidewalk outside Vito’s read that it’s now selling “original Junction-style” pizza. Police say Fleckenstein demanded the sign be changed, but the owner refused.

Officials say soon afterward, Fleckenstein rammed his Jeep into the sign, destroying it. He then drove away.

All of it was caught on a surveillance camera outside a neighboring business.

Fleckenstein has pleaded not guilty to reckless endangerment and criminal mischief charges.