Virginia Couple, Hospital Settle Birth Injury Claim for $1.35 Million

A Waynesboro couple has settled a lawsuit with the University of Virginia Medical Center in a case stemming from the September 2001 birth of their son.

David and Elizabeth Morris received a $1.35 million settlement in a case involving their son Hunter who has cerebral palsy and brain damage from being asphyxiated at birth.

The family alleged in court papers that doctors at the hospital failed to respond to their son’s deteriorating condition in the hours before birth. The defendants denied the allegations.

The maximum award in a malpractice suit in Virginia for an injured person was $1.6 million at the time of Hunter’s birth. About 60 percent of their settlement will be used to cover the estimated $9 million it will cost to care for Hunter the rest of his life.


Information from: Richmond Times-Dispatch,