Professional Liability Risk Management and Insurance Consultancy, CRMC, Opens Its Doors

Construction Risk Management Consultants LLC (CRMC) a unique, highly specialized insurance and risk management consultancy with expertise in the design and implementation of professional liability risk management programs for design and construction professionals and other enterprises engaged in the construction industry, announces the opening of its offices in New Jersey. CRMC provides services directly to architecture, engineering, construction management, design-build contractors and environmental consulting firms; insurance brokerage firms, insurance and risk management consulting firms and insurance companies; law firms; and construction project owners in need of the ability to understand and manage the professional liability risks associated with its projects.

Richard Hartman, principal of CRMC, has over 25 years of professional, real world experience in providing professional liability risk management services to design professionals, construction management, design-build and environmental consulting firms. Rich has designed, implemented and managed professional liability insurance, risk management and loss prevention programs for thousands of design firms including a number of the largest architecture and engineering firms in the United States many of which perform services on construction projects throughout the world. In addition, Rich has designed and implemented professional liability insurance and risk management programs for large, complex, multi-site construction programs undertaken by both public entities and private enterprise.

Rich has authored many articles on the subject of professional liability risk management and has lectured at numerous seminars and workshops educating thousands of design and insurance professionals on real world, proven methods of identifying, understanding and managing professional liability risk.

CRMC was established to fill a significant void that has evolved over the last few years in the services available to the construction industry specifically in the understanding and management of professional liability risk. With specific expertise in contract review and contractual risk transfer and emerging issues such as sustainability and green building, Building Information Modeling, international practice, public school construction, and professional liability risks of the Agency Construction Manager, CRMC is prepared to take on even the most complex professional liability risk management challenge.

CRMC can be reached at 732-637-8008 or via e-mail

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