Secret Math of Making Money with Insurance Leads

To increase sales insurance agents should: “Put themselves in their prospective client’s shoes.” More and more consumers are shopping online for insurance. Thousands of insurance prospects go online to find local insurance agents everyday. The solution to contact these insurance prospects is an online lead service available to insurance agents by subscription.

A number of things make unique in the lead generation niche:

  1. Quality of the lead, which is the result of a thorough multiple question form that consumers complete when seeking quotes.
  2. Filters are available for certain lines of insurance such as auto, health, life, & etc.
  3. Ability to segment a territory by state, county, or zip code.
  4. The speed with which gets the leads to agents.
  5. Pricing of the leads and other financial considerations related to subscribing to the service. focus is two-fold. First: to provide subscribing agents with quality leads. Second: to provide a quality experience to the consumer by providing enough quotes to make an informed buying decision. Insurance agents have a good experience with, because of the quality of the leads and the ability to filter the leads to meet their underwriting criteria. At the end of the day, insurance agent is going to look at how much it has spent for leads and how many of those leads have converted to the sale of a product.

Here is an example of an equation you can use to help calculate how you make money on your leads. This is based off a scenario of an agent that receives 100 health insurance leads a month with an average close rate of 5%.

100 Leads Purchases x $7.00 Cost per health lead = $700.00 Total Cost of Leads Purchased
100 Total Leads Received
x 99% Quoted
x 50% Connected with the Consumer
x 10% Close Rate on Consumers Spoken with
= 5 # of Policies Written
x $450 Approximate Present Value of Commissions received over the life of one policy
=$2,250 Total Commission Revenue Value Created
– $700 Total Cost of Leads
=$1,550 Revenue available to cover operating and fixed costs
/ 5 new policies
= $310 Revenue per Policy to cover operating and fixed costs

Plug in your personal numbers to the equation above to calculate how much you make on your leads!

To register for this program, agents simply sign up at Once registered, they will be able to select desired geographical area, number of leads per day, wide variety of filters, large leads selection – health, life, home, auto, renters, long term care, disability, final expense, cancer, annuity, business benefits, business P/C and others. is committed to helping insurance agents succeed. offers $200 worth of free insurance leads to agents that sign up for its Real Time Leads Generation Program. So get the free leads now, while the promotion lasts.