Peak Performance Announces the Relocation of its New Jersey Headquarters to Ohio

Move supports Peak’s strategic growth initiative, and reflects Ohio’s commitment to business expansion and job creation through a portfolio of incentives offered by the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD)

Columbus, OH — Peak Performance, a leading provider of insurance technology solutions and services for the property and casualty insurance industry, has announced the move of its headquarters to a facility in Ohio, from its present location in Hoboken, New Jersey. The New Jersey location will remain as a regional office.

The Ohio facility is located in Orient, Pickaway County (a suburb of Columbus). Peak’s future plans for the facility include the opening of a new data center early in the second quarter of 2006.

Over the past year, Peak Performance has executed a series of strategic acquisitions designed to position the company as a world-class technology solutions provider to the insurance industry. These acquisitions, along with plans for future growth, created a need for the expansion of Peak’s business operations.

By relocating to Ohio, Peak will benefit from the state’s commitment to economic development through support for business expansion, as demonstrated by the programs offered through the ODOD, including informational and technical assistance, and financial incentives such as tax credits, loans, guarantees and grants.

While announcing the move, Steven Isaac, CEO of Peak Performance, said: “We are pleased to be relocating our headquarters to Ohio. We need to scale our business operations to support our planned growth, and the resources and cooperation offered by the ODOD enable us to accelerate our plans, while tightly managing the cost of expansion, giving Peak a competitive edge. We look forward to working in partnership with the ODOD to bring new jobs to the region, and to successfully implementing our growth strategy. “

About Peak Performance
Founded in 2004, Peak Performance is an end-to-end insurance process solution provider offering Property & Casualty insurance organizations one-stop shopping for technology solutions and services that deliver measurable and defendable ROI, from reduced operating costs to improved loss ratios. Our unique approach combines mature and proven software solutions with web services and other modern technologies to redefine end-to-end processing. Others look to end-to-end as little more than automating processes from policy and claims, while we extend the definition to include streamlining processes throughout the entire operation.

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