The Talent Tightrope: Balancing Change in the Workplace


Between the Lines is a new video series where we take a quarterly look at Carrier Management magazine, with interviews, commentary and in-depth analysis of the stories featured in the latest issue.

In this episode, you’ll hear from a fintech recruiter and insurance executives about how to navigate a challenging talent landscape with workforce turnover, insurtech layoffs, and shifting employee expectations. Experts will share their secrets to success, job hunting tips, advice on managing layoffs, and how to build a balanced and empowering workforce culture in the midst of so much change.


Host: Elizabeth Blosfield
Deputy Editor at
Carrier Management
Sean Dugan
EVP of HR & Corporate
Services at Erie Insurance
Katie Farquharson
Director at
Storm2 UK
Diane Delaney
Executive Director at Private
Risk Management Assoc.
Celia Santana
President & CEO at Personal
Risk Management Solutions
David McFarland
Co-founder & CEO
at Coterie Insurance


Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How Erie Insurance has operated for nearly a century without a layoff
  • How Coterie Insurance navigated its workforce reductions last year
  • How to retain top talent and build an empowering workforce culture
  • How to find employment opportunities in a challenging environment