3 Key Steps to Ensure Digital Payment Security: What to look for in your next payment platform


The digital payment demand continues to grow in all industries – especially among large and mid-sized businesses. Nearly 75% of organizations were targets of a payment fraud attack in 2020. How will your organization meet the demand for digital payments and protect itself from fraud risk and security issues?

To meet the needs for heightened security, it’s important to choose a payment provider that has the critical capabilities to best protect your business. We’ll outline the four areas of an effective digital payment solution: account access, payment delivery & retrieval, payment deposit and overall platform security.

Read on to:

  • Learn the 3 key security considerations for businesses implementing electronic payments to protect your organization from increased risk of fraud and security issues.
  • Use the included checklist to assess your organization’s security readiness when migrating to a digital payment solution.
  • Understand how the Deluxe Payment Exchange platform delivers digital payments while staying compliant with ever-changing regulations.

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