Records: Boat on Which 34 Died Exempt From Safety Rules

December 2, 2019

  • December 2, 2019 at 4:06 pm
    John McDevitt says:
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    Early warning detection has been around for 50 years. It is required everywhere you sleep and is required and enforced in all residential and commercial structures by the appropriate responsible agencies. So where can you put 34 people to sleep in a wooden / fiberglass structure with limited egress? …in a Coast Guard compliant Subchapter T Boat. Smoke alarms were not required in the area where the fire started. In today’s vessels we find all kinds of sophisticated radar, sonar, chart plotters, satellite TV, etc. but not smoke alarms. The Coast Guard needs to take a class in fire protection …and the upcoming NTSB report will say so.

    John McDevitt – NFPA 302 Watercraft Standard – Chairman

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