CA Developer Accused of Insurance Fraud in NV Fire

June 6, 2011

  • June 9, 2011 at 4:32 am
    Mr Glassman says:
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    Cyrus Massoumi · President at ADEPTO, INC
    I am Bijans Nephew. Far from defending him – I think that the Marin IJ is missing on reporting on the more hazy activities of Menlo Oaks. The Press Democrat story is not adequately reported – according to the article by P.D. the bank lost tens of millions on loans Bijan defaulted on – a huge sum for a small bank – this most likely caused them to default.
    On a personal note: My grandfather – Bijans father in law passed away in January. My grandmother tried to kill herself a week later. Bijans wife Beguneh – (who if she underwent psychological evaluation would most likely be diagnosed as a psychopath) – rushed to the hospital right after the attempted suicide – (I was the one that found her). — After this Beguneh alienated my mother and took my grandmother back to their $13M french style house in Mill Valley. —- They for months were desperately trying to manipulate my grandmother in order to manipulate my grandfathers will. My grandfather was a business man and educated – my grandmother did not have those luxuries. —– The day after my grandfather died Bijan offered my mother his “in-house” lawyers in order to help with the “estate planning”. —— They are thieves and the scum of the earth – I have been in their house many times and they live in utter luxury. They have a son Michael who barely knows how to communicate at the age of 24 who has an unlimited credit card which he spends $10,000 a month buying sushi and clothes –

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