Calif. Company Recalls 4,300 Pounds of Frozen Fish

A California company has recalled several thousand pounds of frozen capelin because of fears the fish is contaminated with bacteria that could cause life-threatening botulism.

JFC International Inc. of Los Angeles said consumers shouldn’t eat the product even if it doesn’t look or smell spoiled. The recall affects about 540 cartons of capelin, averaging 8 pounds apiece, that were sold nationwide in restaurants and retail stores between September and December.

Botulism is a potentially fatal form of food poisoning. The company said no illnesses have been reported.

The frozen capelin came from Vietnam and says “Shishamo ‘Imura'” on the wrapped Styrofoam tray.

The risk of contamination was discovered after routine testing by New York state authorities, who found the fish wasn’t properly eviscerated prior to processing, a company statement said.