Oregon Workers’ Comp Claim Incidence Rate at Record Low

December 28, 2010

  • January 4, 2011 at 2:29 am
    Brent McGillis says:
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    What the Oregon Worker’s Comp has achieved is nothing new, the Workers Comp Insurers of the U.S, and Canada have been on a straight downhill Race to the bottom for delivery of Services when you become injured. I live in Alberta and they [AB Gov.] have trumped Oregon easily. Our Oil & Gas sector comprised of chiefly American Companies only pay a $.50/100dollar WCB rate. The great thing about right wing political policies is that the “RACE” is truly a race to the bottom of the standard of living in North America. As Workers Comp. is stripped to the bone, this only exacerbates the Health Care crisis in North America. The race results are; your largest neighbors and trading partners of Mexico and Canada do not have to live up to the Labor standards set out in the NAFTA agreement. As such America is being shafted by its neighbors, because we can manufacture for a great deal less than Montana and Washington State because our government here is winning the corruption race. Since our government is corrupt right to the very acme of our Justice System, the U.S. will never be able to strip its citizen’s rights to the same level as Canada. It cannot be done. So in the end, everyone suffers, business suffers, workers suffer, but more importantly the high Standard of Living that America once claimed, no longer exists. Thanks to right wing propaganda that you can run a City, a State, or a Country without sufficient funding, North America has become a 2nd Class Free Market trading zone. With each State and Province at War with each other to see which one can heap “MORE CORPORATE WELFARE” on their preferred Industries and Financial Institutions. It is not healthy for Democracy, and it is not healthy for the overall Health and Wellbeing of North American Macro-Economics. There is a very distinct difference between; a nation forging and implementing a solid economic framework to incubate creativity and business development, and flat out Corporate Welfare doled out on the backs of hard working Men & Women. You know, like the Republicans and Conservatives here do!

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