Bozeman Hail Damage Claims Could Reach $60M

An insurer says claims of damage from an early hail storm in Bozeman, Mont., could reach up to $60 million.

The June 30 storm that rolled through the city dropped hailstones the size of golf balls, shattering windows, denting cars and damaging roofs and trees.

Dan Rust, an agent with State Farm Insurance, estimates that Gallatin Valley residents and businesses will submit a total of $60 million in claims to insurance companies.

Emergency manager Patrick Lonergan says the county has so far received 183 damage reports totaling $1.06 million.

He says that’s only a fraction of the actual damages, but he doubts the county will qualify for aid because out-of-pocket costs that insurance doesn’t cover so far total $228,408.

There’s a $2 million out-of-pocket cost threshold for aid programs.