Washington Agents Advised to Update Listing on OIC Web Site

Washington agents and brokers are being advised to update the licensing business address with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner.

In October, the OIC will launch a new search feature on its Web site to help consumers look for an agent or broker in their area. The results will provide consumers with the agent’s/broker’s contact information, specifically thebusiness address and phone number.

According to the OIC, many agents and brokers only use their residential addresses — which will not be listed in the new tool — as their primary point of contact with the office, and they leave the business address field blank. Agents and brokers who have left the business address field blank will not be included in the database, which means the search tool won’t include these names in the list when a consumer searches for an agent or broker by city.

Agents and brokers can update their licensing business address record to be sure that consumers can find them at https://fortress.wa.gov/oic/onlineservices/Login.aspx?module=LSE.

Source: OIC