Hawaii’s Disaster Warning System To Get $8 Million Upgrade

August 21, 2008

  • August 22, 2008 at 2:24 am
    Jessica says:
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    I know that this is an important issue but why not put it towards the citizens of State of Hawaii? More and more I am hearing that people are losing their homes and are financially struggling to make ends meet. This recession is really getting bad! The banks are ripping us off and gas is ridiculous! Does it really cost 8 million to upgrade our civil defense systems? Why not create more housing for low to mid income families? I spoke to a friend last night and she has been asked to vacate her home so that the owner can move their parents into the house. On top of that, she had just come back from a welfare appointment where she had been denied assistance because of her husbands income, which isn’t much. This is a family of 5. The icing on the cake… her only daughter has special needs and has been diagnosed as epileptic. So, she can’t work! She has to stay home to care for her 3 children! I don’t get how some people can get approved for assistance and the rest of us can’t. The only sure fire way you can get assistance from the state is you declare yourself “Mentally insane”! Which is what most of these people are doing. Believe me, I know a few who are at home and are capable of working but choose to stay home and collect our hard earned tax money! We are in a state of emergency people!!! It’s only going to get worse! I’d like to see Gov. Lingle do something about this problem!

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