Financial Burden of the Uninsured Growing in Washington

December 13, 2007

  • December 14, 2007 at 4:32 am
    County Line says:
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    Commissioner Kreidler’s answer to the rising tide of medical uninsureds: Imposed a new state-controlled health insurance bureaucracy on his fellow citizens, while refusing to work with legislators and existing law to deal with Washington’s growing illegal immigration problem.

    Kreidler must offer up some action to justify his reason for being in office, but his solution represents the lowest possible road for Washington State.

    Look deeper at the definition of working families in his findings, and you’ll likely find the bulk of the new uninsureds are undocumented workers and their families. Yes, unpaid insurance co-payments and increased deductibles contribute, but Kreidler’s comment about those factors avoids the larger truth; that of totally unpaid medical care for an emerging population of illegals. At least those with high deductible insurance end up paying for some of their medical care.

    It is disturbing to see the Great Northwest fail to learn a thing from California’s harsh and well-publicized lesson in this matter. Under the weight of non-paying illegals getting medical care in our emergency rooms, Southern Cal has suffered a domino effect of ER & trauma center closures.

    Kreidler’s study is right on one point. Those who can pay for medical service pay much more these days(subsidizing all the non-payors) just to keep medical facilities open. More unpaid care simply equals more cost shifted to the payors in the form of higher health insurance premiums and increased co-payments & deductibles.

    It’s a viscious cycle, fueled by the recent injection of too many non-paying illegal immigrants into the system. In California it has reached the breaking point.

    By permitting free (to the illegals)medical care, California let the camel’s nose under the edge of the tent. Inch by inch, more camel squeezed in, and now California’s citizens are battling a huge, problematic bedfellow they can’t shove back out the door.

    Washington, the camel is trying to sneak in under your tent edge. Unlike California, you still have the opportunity to keep it out. Hold your public officials (Commish Kreidler etc) accountable for doing the right thing.

    Don’t accept Kreidler and his allies’ version of what is wrong with your healthcare system, and how they think it should be fixed. Stand up for your own legal citizens and demand legislation and enforcement of existing law that gets to the root of the problem: Remove illegal immigrant unpaid care.

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