Task Force To Develop Mold and Moisture Management Standards

The PIA Western Alliance announced that the National Association of Moisture Management Professionals (NAMMP) has been formed to set mold and moisture management standards and protocols that should be adopted nationwide.

One year ago, the PIA Western Alliance organized two moisture management summits to connect moisture management experts with leaders in the insurance, construction, banking, real estate and other industries. The goal was to establish a task force to push for national standards for moisture and mold management in the construction and remediation industry.

From an insurance industry standpoint, the adoption of national standards and protocols mean less risk for companies and more opportunity to write new business, the Western Alliance said.

NAMMP is scheduled to announce the new standards on on Friday, May 18, 2007 at the Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, Calif. This symposium will be sponsored by Environmental Service Professionals, a publicly traded company, whose goal is to promote the adoption of those standards nationwide.

Other groups attending the symposium include:
-PIA Western Alliance;
-Mortgage Bankers Association;
-National Assn of Real Estate Appraisers;
-Association of Construction Inspectors;
-Housing Inspection Foundation;
-International Real Estate Institute;
-Environmental Assessment Association;
-The National Builder’s Association;
-National Association of Community Colleges;
-National Association of Certified Home Inspectors;
-Freddie Mac; and
-Fannie Mae.

Source: PIA Western Alliance