Fireman’s Fund Expands Wildfire Protection Services in Calif.

Novato, Calif.-based Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. has expanded its territory and offerings with FireProtec, a vegetation cutting crew staffed by off-duty firefighters. Through the alliance, Fireman’s Fund said it is able to offer all its California policyholders advice on wildfire mitigation techniques and clearing services at a discounted rate. By clearing a defensible space around a home, the homeowner will have a firebreak that will slow down a fast moving wildfire, the company said.

To help negotiate any property line issues, FireProtec works with Code Compliance Officers from the California Department of Forestry, which may enforce vegetation clearing, even if the defensible space zone is on a neighboring property. Along with CDF, FireProtec also works with Fire Prevention Services Inc. for code compliance issues in areas covered by Fire Prevention Services Inc.

Fireman’s Fund and FireProtec recommend homeowners:
-Clear back all native vegetation, including brush and tree branches, within at least 100 feet from the home to have a clear escape route if a fire should strike.

-Trim branches back 10 feet from chimneys.

-Clear out stored flammable liquids.

-Remove trash and debris in the surrounding area of the home.

-Replace foliage with drought tolerant plants.

-Clear at least 10 feet on each side and 13′ 6″ above the driveway, roadway or access roads.

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