Calif. State Fund Files Average 9 Percent Premium Decrease

November 28, 2006

  • November 28, 2006 at 11:38 am
    individual says:
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    Off Above Patient medical records, unable to locate C-films, Redue if necessary.

    Necessary Illusions for Auto Mishap 1-13-1998 DX?

    Am I right State Farm Insurance / American Medical Response / Mercury Insurance Group?

    See, since you took me to the hospital of Drivers insurance carrier\’s choice / WC Insurance Carrier\’s / Tenent Healthcare System\’s choice, I have to reason.

    1. That the (DX) diagnosis to patient was 0bsolete: newsfeed bull-****.

    2. State Farm Insurance had possession of the old back up radiology films of 8-14-1995, to prove that cervical spine was WNL.

    So, when I picked up the medical records to identify otherwise, this after Daniel G. Herns Esq. forged the Trust & Release Agreement, I was in Sony Pictures [please let me EMBALLAGE 2006- No Sillen of the Hill Now!

    Enternational Exhibition!

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