Calif. Associations Say Regulations Would Raise Auto Rates

October 23, 2006

  • October 24, 2006 at 12:25 pm
    Scot Strong says:
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    What a self-serving insult to the public\’s intelligence. They are only crying bevause they have been busted on their previous survey methods that they controlled entirely. They chose which higher-rate shops to exclude in order to create a lower average rate. Now that the DOI is telling them they have to include ALL shops they are crying \”no fair\”. They cannot be satisfied with milking the public for millions; they want it to be billions. Thank god the current DOI has a commissioner with the testicular fortitude to take these crooks on.

  • October 25, 2006 at 8:14 am
    Fred, says:
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    \”\” \”The proposed regulations would force insurers to pay body shops their \’posted rates,\’ which are higher than actual rates insurers regularly pay for work,\” according to PIFC President Rex Frazier. \”These regulations are an unfair give-away to auto body shops and will result in higher costs for honest insurance policyholders.\” \”\”

    For starters they\’ve openly admitted to suppressing Collision Repair labor rates, and their refusal to reimburse their insured\’s the full cost of repairs by not paying an Honest repairer\’s Posted Labor Rate. [in the name of Lower insurance Rates for
    policyholders??] HEY…. with logic like that, I wonder if these noble insurer\’s would accept lower that posted Insurance premium rates as payment in full? That would result in Lower costs for honest insurance policyholders!!

    \”\” According to the associations, the regulations \”will force insurers to make calculations based on inflated rates, which would translate into higher repair costs. That may be good for the repair shops, but not for California policyholders,\” they

    Simply apply this comment to the insurance industry itself and it becomes obvious its not about helping the Policyholder, but helping insurer Profits. After all… Insurer\’s inflate their premiums nearly every year which translate into higher costs. That may be good for the insurer\’s, but not for California policyholders!

    Anyone ever hear of an body shop executive getting a year end bonus in the tens of millions of dollars? I wonder how much money those Bonuses to insurance executives save the California policyholders??


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