Chiropractors, Law Administrator Surrender on Insurance Fraud Charges

February 16, 2005

  • May 31, 2005 at 9:28 am
    Ron Smith says:
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    i would just like to say to Ray, you may not remember me but i worked with you many years ago at the Queen Mary in the LBC.Sorry to hear about these unfortunate circumstances. Nonetheless, It hasn’t changed how I how I feel about you one way or the other. Obviously, you’ve remained in my thoughts over the years and the Ray I remember, as you were studying to become a doctor, was a fine, upstanding man of the highest integrity who was my friend and in retrospect continued to be my friend all the while I clearly struggled with my sexuality.
    Admitting this is definitely a bizarre case of old friends reuniting, the point is I’ve found you and would like you to know what you’ve meant to me. Lastly,If I may leave you with a word of advice, life is filled with good & bad choices, unfortunately the bulk of the bad are in the first half of our lives. God knows I’ve had my share. Dr.Ray the point is we learn from our mistakes thank god for another day to do it right.

    ps:I no longer live in the SO CAL area, I’m currently in the Central Coast however, I would defintely love to hear from you. my # is 818 448-3794, or you can e-mail me BYE!!!


    Love always, Ron ( security )

  • September 16, 2008 at 12:27 pm
    Raymond Oca says:
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    Please be advised that all charges against me were “set aside and dismissed” on July 25, 2005.

    The charges against me were due to my employment at Family Health Group in Downey, California, which was owned and operated by Gene J. Bautista, DC.

    I received my license in September 2001 and began working there approximately one month later.

    This was my first job as a licensed chiropractor. I was an hourly paid employee whose only duty was to provide treatment to patients. Two months into my employment there, an investigation began.

    According to the investigator, who I fully cooperated with, they were after the “alleged” illegal activities of the operators of the facility that I had been working for.

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