Montana WC State Fund Chooses New Guidelines in Claims Management Process

April 28, 2004

  • April 29, 2004 at 7:31 am
    R. Murphy says:
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    It’s the same rhetoric with a new coat of paint. It doesn’t matter if they use a Medical Disability Advisor or the Surgeon General himself. The problem is that both insurance companies and the federal Office of Workers Compensation Programs are deliberately allowing their claims examiners to interfere with the claims process.

    It does no good to have any kind of medical standard when the injured worker is sent to Dr. Joe Blow who has a storefront office and no hospital affiliations. They are often not even qualified, let alone equipped, to evaluate the injuries. It’s deliberate interference and it supports an industry that trives on malpractice.

    I have seen claims denied based on a fifteen minute poke and prod. Legitimate claims! Until insurance providers clean up their act, they face a growing public resentment for the loss and suffering that such underhanded claims handling causes.

    These wrongfully denied claims are building up like some huge “Pearl Harbor file” and, eventially, insurance providers will have to answer some very serious charges. I would not be surprised if that included negligent homicide. It really has gotten that bad.

    Maybe the real solution is to bring back the humanity and gain the public trust.

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