Citizens Officials Report Their Status to Task Force

February 9, 2005

  • February 9, 2005 at 4:37 am
    Ron Delo says:
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    The 89% figure is nothing more than a smoke screen. We get to the old Bill Clinton dictionary of the defination of Closed! Sure closed as far as the clueless storm troopers that Citizens hired, closed as far as initial site visits and “partial payments” would guess that 50% of all Citizens claims will have MAJOR re open’s with damages that could exceed Citizens initial payment! This mess is out of control, there are many a non hurricane claim that are approaching 1 year old that remain unpaid

  • February 11, 2005 at 2:09 am
    Rick says:
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    These figures are a JOKE! Nearly every claim with Citizens, we have been forced to plead, beg, cajole, threaten to re-open because of the inept ‘adjusters’ they originally hired that knew abosulutely nada about wind claims and must have been brought in from some other country! Sure they closed some claims probably because they DENIED the claim! We have had claims where the files were lost, the adjuster never finished or reported, or simply walked off the job. Clients have been told they had no coverage or their agent didn’t sell them the proper coverage(because it is NOT available!). They have pushed thru rate increases that are non-commissionable and want the agent to run interference for them. The list goes on and on. Citizens knows not what it does…The real shame is that the private sector has NOT come to the plate…

  • February 11, 2005 at 5:02 am
    anthony from delaware says:
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    After more than 25 years in this business, owning my own IA firm, working for Carriers direct and working for other IA firms I have come to one conclusion. Blame the adjuster???? Adjusting simply comes down to one issue. COMMUNICATION. I know there are adjusters who come out of the woodwork when a catastrophe happens but so what… we need those adjusters. What should happen is that those adjusters whould be supervised properly. Thats the problem on the adjusting side however that is not eventhe tip of the iceberg as we all know.

    I consider myself to be a very good adjuster, i work hard, i care about the people I am there to help and I do an excellent job for both the Carriers and the Insureds, however the support during the crunch time that you dont get from the Carriers is unbelievable. We are not govenment agencies, we dont pass the buck…. or do we???? Trying to get an advance payment, payments of any kind or even just to make sure our reports are not loss within the reporting system is a joke.

    I personally have had to forward my reports to all the parties because one or all of them have misplaced it. It got to the pint where I started to call the Carrier on every claim I adjusted to make sure that they had the reports so they could field and finalize the claim. I asked for electronic receipts on every paper, email, document or report that I forwarded and kept them in detailed file folders for each Insured I had. Even after that I received calls from the Insureds asking me to forward the documents again as the Carrier representatives did not have them, could not locate them or ????. My Insureds were grateful to have an adjuster who cared so much as to keep such records and be so organized. As well, I woulld suggest that all parties to Claim settlements…..ANSWER YOUR PHONE AND RETURN YOUR CALLS…. THATS WHY YOU HAVE A PHONE…. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS THE ONLY LIFELINE THE INSURED HAS….
    can you imagine being in their position.. I never have been, knock on wood, but if your only lifeline is not available what would you do… it creates a traffic jam. If we dont anser our phones than this simple non action becomes 20 more phone calls and I dont know how many complaints.

    This just isnt for the field adjuster, most of us do an excellent job,,, Carriers, carrier reps, agents and even the dept of insurance…answer your phones, please… if everyone answers their phones, deals with the situations at hand … all this goes away…. COMMUNICATION people…this is what its all about…

    As far as this article goes…. This is not communication its ********. Lets be honest about our profession…. when we communicate problems disappear when we dont you get ******** articles like this. Lets start caring for one another and treat everyone like their family.

    By the way, dont let anyone tell you that insurance adjusters dont care…. WE do and we should let everyone know.

    thanks for letting me express myself.

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