Dewhurst Orders Reviews Following West Explosion

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has ordered Texas senators to review safety regulations and emergency response procedures in the aftermath of the fertilizer plant explosion in West.

The Republican who oversees the state Senate called on committees to study how to protect against future explosions without adding additional regulation, and how to better coordinate responses to disasters.

West, Texas, May 8, 2013 -- Norman Lenburg/FEMA
West, Texas, May 8, 2013 — Norman Lenburg/FEMA

Dewhurst called on lawmakers to also study the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, which pays claims in the event of hurricanes or other high-wind storms. He called for a plan to fund the association so it can pay for a once in a 100 years storm. The association is in financial straits and lawmakers have struggled to find a solution.

Dewhurst is running for re-election. Committee recommendations could become law during the 2015 legislative session.