Seismologist Says Fracking Doesn’t Cause Earthquakes

By VICKI SMITH | September 12, 2013

  • September 12, 2013 at 6:35 am
    Alan Tootill says:
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    It is an incredibly blinkered view from Mr Frohlich which really reduces credibility in him as a scientist. He has totally overlooked the experience in the UK. The record there is one well fracked, with about 50 tremors resulting, including two of larger magnitude whuich were felt by residents.

    This was laid at the door of fracking very clearly and unequivocally including by senior geologists in the UK from the BGS, the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering and indeed the government itself, which had commissioned a report on the tremors. The certainty about this led to an 18 month moratorium on further fracking in the UK and imposition of a regulatory “traffic lights” regime to help prevent further significant tremors.

    Hydraulic fracturing IS a problem. It CAN cause quakes.

    Frohlich’s lack of knowledge about why some well injections and others don’t displays his comparative lack of knowledge of shallow events. He certainly knows nothing about the geology of the UK and its faulting. Sadly for us in the UK, we too have never had a full seismological survey, which leaves us open to more seismic events if fracking becomes widespread.

  • September 12, 2013 at 2:49 pm
    Chilly says:
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    Alan Tootill says: “Progress baaaad!”

    Hydraulic fracturing used to access oil and gas from rock and shale hasn’t caused “significant” earthquakes, according to a study by Durham University.

    “Hydraulic fracturing is not a significant mechanism for inducing felt earthquakes,” Richard Davies, director of the U.K. university’s energy institute, said today in a statement. “The size and number of felt earthquakes caused by fracking is low compared to other manmade triggers such as mining, geothermal activity or reservoir water storage.”

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