Louisiana Department of Insurance Recovers $5.3M in 2011

Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon announced that the Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI) aided Louisiana insurance consumers in receiving more than $5.3 million in insurance payments from consumer complaints in 2011.

LDI received 13,208 consumer inquiries and 3,453 official consumer complaints.

The recovered funds result from insurance claims disputes in which LDI was able to work with insurance companies and consumers to recover monies above what the insurance companies originally offered the consumers to settle their claims.

Funds recovered are from formal complaints regarding property and casualty, health insurance, life and annuities, and consumer advocacy claims.

Information on inquiries, complaints and funds recaptured by each office is as follows:

2010 Consumer Insurance Dispute Settlements Inquiries Complaints Filed Funds Recovered
Office of Property & Casualty 4,257 1,731 $ 1,692,006.26
Office of Health 672 1,248 $ 1,053,003.58
Division of Life & Annuity 8,257 471 $2,541,777.04
Office of Consumer Advocacy 22 3 $22,551.56
Total 13,208 3,453 $5,309,338.44

Consumers who feel they are not being paid what they should for losses as stated in their insurance policies can contact LDI and request assistance and/or file a formal complaint.

Source: Louisiana Department of Insurance