La. House Committee Approves Bill Limiting Drivers’ Cell Phone Use

April 16, 2008

  • April 16, 2008 at 6:31 am
    wudchuck says:
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    now, if it was important to stop school bus drivers from using them why not every driver? how many folks does it take to see that it’s getting dangerous? what about the driver who might be using it and hit that school bus? you made it important for the school bus driver, but not anyone else? that is only if the driver is driving the school bus. he could be driving his own veh and get into an accident because of using that cellphone. if we are to protect the civil life and property, then we need to start doing that today. i have seen too many people propped against the window w/the cellphone and have no clue about their surroundings. worse is the text messaging, because you have to look to read the message and then have to try to type on that small keyboard a response. in this case, you have to look down everytime to find the correct keying – so how do you keep an eye on the road? this is why we need to restrict usage, and even get to the art of stating that you are partially negligble for an accident if you are found using a cellphone, because you might have been able to prevent or lessen the damage of the accident.

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