Marina Operators: Lake Texoma Flood Damage Tops $2 Million

Flood damage at Lake Texoma marinas is expected to exceed $2 million, marina operators say.

Heavy rains last month swelled the lake on the Oklahoma-Texas border to more than 22 feet above its normal level.

The lake was at 634.20 feet elevation on July 31, 16 feet above normal. It’s been falling about 6 inches a day.

At Catfish Bay near Kingston, the cantina opened last weekend. But in the marina’s office, where 6 inches of water flowed for a couple of weeks, it’s a different story. Walls are warped, and desks are ruined.

Lauryn Pyrum, who works in the office the Catfish Bay Marina, says she won’t pray for rain again.

“We don’t want another natural disaster,” she said.

Water still covers a ramp to the boat docks, so boaters are carried by pontoon boats to their slips. Boaters who do not have their vessel in the water have to wait until ramps are again opened.

Pyrum hopes boaters will be able to launch by the second week of August.

At Alberta Creek Resort near Kingston, floodwaters have prevented workers from getting to their store and they won’t be able to reach it until the water drops another 10 feet, said employee Tereasa Miller.

The recreational vehicle park is still half underwater and Miller is not sure whether the marina will be ready for Labor Day. Major electrical work is waiting and the cafe is still closed.

Flooding is so bad that owner Bill Glascock can’t drive to his home. He leaves his pickup at the marina and boats to his home.

Soldier Creek Resort and Marina near Kingston lost about $250,000 because its cabins could not be rented, owner Marion Stone said. The restaurant and marina shop remain submerged, and the launch ramps and RV park are underwater.

Gary Miller, owner of Cumberland Cove Resort near Madill, said he lost at least $60,000 on cabin rentals. The water has just now hit a point where cleanup can start in the cabins.

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