Deadline to Apply for La.’s Road Home Aid is July 31

May 31, 2007

  • June 4, 2007 at 4:23 am
    CLR says:
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    It’s a good thing to help where & when help is needed, but to keep on giving to those that have been given to & given to & they are still not back on their feet again – well that’s the Democratic way…

    I am sure glad I am a Republican, someone that thinks no matter what life hands you that you deal with it & keep going. You take a hand up & not a hand out, you have what you have because you worked to achieve it, not because you starved your family for months by selling the food stamps so you can buy a big screen TV, which is probably the reason they don’t get off their couches & look for any real jobs!!! Who needs to work with food stamps, utility help on paying bills, state subsidized housing, a big screen TV, the meth or crack lab in the back yard…
    who knows???

    My guess would be that the State of Louisana wants all their productive citizens to come back. I would also guess that since some have moved away & found living in other states – away from all the criminals & pervs has it’s advantages too & then may far outweigh the risks of their prior home. So for all those that want to be or can be bought, be sure to sign up!

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