Ark. Gov. Names New Judge for Workers’ Comp Commission

Ark. Gov. Mike Beebe has appointed Chandra Hicks as the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission’s newest Administrative Law Judge, the AWCC reported.

The AWCC administrates the state’s workers’ compensation laws for employees, employers, medical providers, legal representatives of these groups, and other stakeholders in the workers’ compensation community.

ALJs hold hearings to adjudicate between parties and then write opinions to settle disputes regarding the state workers’ compensation laws, rules, and other related matters.

Since March 2004, Hicks has served as staff attorney to the chairman of the Workers’ Compensation Commission conducting research. This research included the review of hearing transcripts and appeal briefs. She also researched applicable law.

Prior to Hicks’ employment with the Commission, she was a hearing officer with the Arkansas Appeal Tribunal, conducting hearings and adjudicating claims for unemployment insurance benefits.

Source: AWCC