La. Gov. Pushing Insurance, Tax Credits, Pay Raises in Special Session

November 22, 2006

  • December 8, 2006 at 10:58 am
    Patricia Ellis says:
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    I truly agree with the fact that we as State Employees have not received a payraise since the Former Governor Edwards pushed so hard to give us one and it was done, this has been 17 years or so ago. We as State Employees deserve a pay raise as we only get one 4 percent that is not really promised to us once a year and this is rated on Satisfactory work done at your particular State agency. So I highly support our Governor Blanco for getting right to the real issues of the budget and for seeing the needs of our State and taking them head on to try and make positive things happen for us. I sure hope the legislature supports the good job that she is doing for our State as we know that this is a tough job but I can see that she is doing well in her capacity and \”Hats off\” to our keeping it real Governor. Thank you for your efforts and God be with You! Happy Holidays! Your State Employee!

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