Texas Gov.: State and Local Officials Best in Responding to Disaster

April 4, 2006

  • April 6, 2006 at 8:09 am
    J says:
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    Total agreement with Governor Perry. The responders should be local and State first if able. The federal government should be there to provide the support and resources. The people of LA suffered at the hands of the Mayor of New Orleans the Governor of Louisiana. (also those leaders that did not spend the money for the levy system that was available through the years). The Mayor because he did not have a cohesive evactuation plan and he did not evactuate the city! This is solidly on his shoulders he knows the people in the city do not have private vehicles, but depend on public transportation. He should have used public transportation and school buses to evacuate! No Excuse will ever be accepted for a reason why he didn\’t fullfill this responsibility. Governor Blanco has the weight of the aftermath when the local government was paralyzed due to the catastrophic nature of the levy break and the hurricane. Governor Blanco held up the federal resources. Instead of giving the impression of how well she would handle the this catastrophy, she underestimated the magnitude. Part of being a leader is to USE all resources at your disposal. Not just was New Orleans effected by her incompetance but St Bernard suffered and is still suffering immensly, Slidell and all around the Delta. Thanks to the the local leaders of some of these other leaders, they are still trying to minimize the damage. Do not penalize the local leaders with a recommendation that would overstep them due to a few that were paralyzed. If it is recognized that the leaders are not leading and people are in peril, as with Katrina, the the federal gov should step in.

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