SIIS to Host Insurance Media Day

Southwestern Insurance Information Service announced it is hosting an insurance media day on Sept.16, 2005, in Austin, Texas.

The objective of the event will be to provide statewide journalists who cover business, insurance and public policy development an opportunity to hear from a panel of experts discussing an assortment of issues challenging insurers and agents. SIIS will also introduce a newly developed research project that reveals the impact of the insurance industry on the Texas economy.

This informal roundtable discussion will feature a panel consisting of David VanDelinder, executive director, Independent Insurance Agents of Texas; Marvin Kelly, executive director, Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association; Jim Oliver, general manager, Texas Windstorm Insurance Association and the Texas FAIR Plan Association and Joe Woods, assistant vice president, Property Casualty Insurance Association of America.

The moderator will be James Langford, vice president, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies.