IIAT Endorses Agility Recovery Solutions

The insurance industry understands better than most the devastating impact a fire, windstorm or flood can have on a business. Rapid recovery from such disasters is critical and to help members meet disaster recovery needs, the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas (IIAT) announced it has endorsed Agility Recovery Solutions – the premiere provider of onsite disaster recovery solutions.

“Our endorsement of Agility is part of our continuing effort to provide the best service and support to our members. We feel it’s vital that we highlight the importance of being prepared,” said David VanDelinder, IIAT Executive Director.

The Agility Recovery turn-key solution includes the delivery of everything necessary to get a business back up and running within 48 hours of any declared emergency. If need be, Agility will provide a mobile office fully equipped with power, communications and computer equipment. Work stations in which core personnel can conduct business and maintain the all-important connections to keep a business going.

“Statistics show that 60 percent of businesses suffering a serious loss never reopen, and of those that do, more than 25 percent will close within three years. When we discovered that Agility helps their clients build a continuity plan and then backs that plan with extensive equipment and resources, it became apparent that this solution is the best for all of our members,” VanDelinder added.

“The Agility ReadySuite membership was designed to provide small and medium-sized businesses access to disaster recovery services,” said Bob Boyd, president of Agility Recovery Solutions. “For a minimum monthly fee, a small business can have access to our service and the ability to recover their business in the event of an interruption. The ability to recover your business when faced with a disaster is invaluable,” said Boyd.

Agility Recovery Solutions is a former division of GE Capital IT Solutions. It has more than 16 years of experience providing disaster recovery solutions. Agility has successfully responded to 100 percent of all emergency declarations.

IIAT will educate all member agencies on the benefits of the Agility Recovery turn-key solution. “We feel strongly that our members will see the true value that Agility provides organizations, regardless of size. The statistics don’t say that only the large survive; in this case, all organizations that suffer a loss are affected,” said VanDelinder.