Family Admits to Faking Wrecks in La.

Four family members in Louisiana have admitted to staging traffic crashes in order to collect insurance money, according to the Associated Press.

Shirley Long, Laquarda Long Hall, Ebony Long Green and Daryl Green were arrested in 2001 on charges of insurance fraud and theft. State police said they were charged after an investigation into three years of wrecks involving the family members.

Investigators said the family was involved in as many as 60 staged wrecks and collected about $175,000 on 45 claims. State police said a typical scheme involved colliding with people who were backing out of a parking spot or attempting to make a proper turn.

Shirley Long was placed on probation and ordered to pay fines, court costs and restitution. Laquarda Long also was placed on probation but was ordered to serve 60 days in jail and one year of home incarceration.

Ebony Green was ordered to serve two years in the Rapides Parish Jail, and Daryl Green was sentenced to two and a half years.

The Greens will serve the sentences at different times so their children will have a parent at home, prosecutors said.

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