Okla. State Sen. Laster Lashes Out at Republican Workers’ Comp Bill

May 2, 2005

  • May 2, 2005 at 4:00 am
    Roy says:
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    What the good senator fails to point out is that:
    1) The 12 week limitation is not for ALL benefits but only for total temporary disability benefits which workers are entitled to when the are not able to perform their regular duties, NOT WHEN THEY’RE NOT ABLE TO PLAY COLLEGIATE FOOTBALL!
    2) And in the case of the burned firefighter, he and his family WOULD receive benefits as long as an OBJECTIVE medical evaluation (not a hired gun on contract to his lawyer) confirmed that he could not return to work and he would STILL be eligible for a Permanment Partial Disability Award, Rehabilititation, Voc. Rehab., future medical expenses and disfigurement if deemed appropriate. Just not the TTD his attorney gets 20% of . . .

    3) The comment about no opportunity to seek a second medical opinion is almost beyond misleading since the bill clearly provides access to a network of medical providers (not unlike the PPOs we ALL have for our health insurance) as well as an opportunity for arbitration if an injured worker disagrees with the inital physician’s prognosis and feels he deserves a second medical opinion.

    Could it be a coincidence that this Senator is from the same town, same party and same profession as the govenor who has endorsed a watered down version of House Bill that resctricts medical providers but leaves trial lawyers virtually untouched? Naw!

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