CCC Says Shortage of Repair Technicians Adding to Pressure on Auto Claim Costs

By Jim Sams | November 10, 2021

  • November 18, 2021 at 3:33 pm
    John Brennan says:
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    I have been an auto technician for 38 years and they have always claimed shortages.They only have shortages of idiots to work free and cheap.It’s a wage fixing scheme and they are raising shop rates but not raising wages any.The average gross profit margin on any skilled trade or professional service is currently 38.67%,29% is more specific to mechanics.These dealers are criminally colluding and pushing these margins over 80% now.This is the exact definition of fraud YOU CANNOT CHARGE A PREMIUM PRICE THEN SIUBSTITUTE AN INFERIOR PRODUCT “Dealers need to look at lower skill level technicians. There are several benefits: They’re a lot easier to steal from somebody else and they make you more money because they have a lower cost. You hire an A mechanic at $25 an hour, a C for $15 an hour, and your labor rate is $75 an hour. So you’re paying $25 to get $75 or paying $15 to get $75.”

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