Opioid Distributors Sold ‘Mountain of Pills,’ Lawyer Tells Judge

By Jef Feeley and Katherine Chiglinsky | May 4, 2021

  • May 6, 2021 at 8:44 am
    stush says:
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    as unsavory as all of this sounds, the fact is that all of these folks acted appropriately in the free market system. Where there is demand, suppliers will adjust. Blaming them for selling a product that was in high demand and making profits is not the issue. And government suing for the consequences of people wanting and getting drugs is just a ploy to get in on the action. What we should do is take this money and put it into establishing clinics to control and maintain addicts in a safe environment instead of arresting and jailing them. Drugs get in the way of productivity so drugs are not “good” in that sense but until the individual decides to be something other than an addict, I would think that our conservative folks would be all in favor of individual freedom to be whatever people want to be, even if that means letting them continue to be addicted. This is going the same way as the “tobacco settlement” which didn’t settle anything. People are still smoking and a new clientele is in the making. It’s only about money folks, not justice or the rights of anyone.

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