Energi Launches Workers’ Compensation Triage Program

Energi, a Peabody, Mass.-based industrial reinsurance company that specialize in providing risk management and insurance products to energy companies in the United States and Canada, has launched a new workers’ compensation triage program called Company Nurse.

The new injury-reporting program seeks to provide injured workers with immediate medical triage and medical advice over the phone with a registered nurse. Injured workers and employers have 24/7 access to Company Nurse through Energi’s Claims Hotline.

The new triage program provides a proactive approach to workers’ compensation claims reporting. The Company Nurse program is presently being rolled out to all of Energi’s nationwide policyholders.

Energi’s Company Nurse program features include:

Energi previously encouraged employers to send workers, even those with minor, non-serious injuries, to the ER. Company Nurse provides access for initial care for minor work injuries where an ER visit is not necessary.

Robert Woods, senior vice president of Claims for Energi said the company believes Company Nurse will prevent unneeded and costly Emergency Room visits.

Energi emphasized that the Company Nurse program is not a replacement for immediate medical care in the event of a serious worker injury. In the event of a serious injury, employee and employer should always dial 911 and report the injury after the employee is stabilized.

Source: Energi