Fantasy Sports Sites Target of Lawsuit Citing Fraud

By Joshua Brustein and David McLaughlin | October 12, 2015

  • October 12, 2015 at 5:01 pm
    Carl Presc says:
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    There are other ways that DraftKings is committing fraud, conveniently smothered by ignorant negligence.

    As an example, when it gets close to official game time for many of their contests, suddenly – and quite mysteriously I might add – it becomes nearly impossible to make last minute changes to a lineup. Many of these situations involve weather related issues in Major League Baseball games.

    At least 20 times I have personally encountered error issues when trying to change out a legitimate player for a game with pending weather. Every instance within the rules of DraftKings to make such changes, but the system malfunctions until finally the time passes when the change can be made. Normal Internet issues, or a convenient/purposeful malfunction, therefore eliminating some of the viable competition?

    This happens often, not just a couple times here and there. They blame it on the old cache/cookies – clear your browser history excuse, but I am well schooled in Internet activities, and the problem is solely that of DraftKings.

    There are other peculiar things that happen periodically, like cvs downloads of lineups for other contestants will not download, Oddly enough, many of the same names find their way to the top of contest boards, many of these using a technique to flood the board with dozens of lineups. Nothing illegal about that, unless these are some of the same individuals who are part of a scam to be sure outside monies are paid less frequently and winnings are kept in-house.

    Much of the problems may truthfully be honest mistakes, but with all the other blatant fraud that has been uncovered, anything suspicious is going to throw up a red flag as to the integrity of DFS sites, namely DraftKings.

    Too bad, because playing Daily Fantasy Sports can exciting and a lot of fun, but much of the enjoyment is stolen with the website malfunctions stealing any chance of actually winning anything. Personally I am not wealthy enough to just let bygones be bygones – essentially throwing my money down the toilet when technical issues compromise my ability to produce a competent lineup. When DFS websites perform in this manner it is stealing. Period.

    DraftKings seems to hold royalty status when it comes to thievery.

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