Workplace Safety Training Minimal for Student Workers: Survey

June 26, 2014

  • June 26, 2014 at 3:47 pm
    Brian Kilroy says:
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    I’d never argue against the value of good workplace safety programs. Clearly these have been a win-win-win for employers, employees, and payers. I do wonder what the point of this post is though… If 43% of responding employers indicated they hired temporary staff to work as office/clerical staff, exposures which many risk managers would view as low-threat occupations, and if only 27% of employers polled indicated they do not offer workplace safety training to summer/temporary employees, the data would suggest that 73% do offer it. Clearly some of these have to be employers hiring temporary workers for low threat clerical/support occupations. Employers hire students and temporary staff for many reasons – many times out of generosity and a desire to give back to communities. Employers do need to operate profitably though if they hope to continue hiring workers (full time, prime time, or part time)so ultimately employers must make business decisions regarding proper application of human resources or they’ll end up employing zero people. Temporary workers answering phones and staffing reception desks don’t often suffer very severe workplace injuries. I think we should give a big thumbs up to the employers who hire and train young people – and then two thumbs up to the significant number who invest in teaching young people not only about business and office life, but also about workplace safety.

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