Crawford & Company Introduces Vehicle Inspection App

Crawford & Company, an independent provider of claims management solutions, is introducing a new self-service application for mobile devices that can offer customers a better experience with post-lease vehicle inspections.

The application, called My VCI, was released Monday for iPhone and iPad mobile devices.

A browser-based version and applications for other digital devices will follow, as will one for commercial truck inspections, says Blair Bennett, assistant vice president and director of Vehicle Services for Crawford.

My VCI is designed to be used by leasing companies for the vehicle inspections typically performed shortly before leases expire, Bennett said. Fleet managers who need to regularly inspect their vehicles also may find it useful, he added.

The application walks the user step-by-step through the inspection process. After the process is complete, all necessary data is uploaded to the appropriate stakeholders, based on the configuration determined by the client.

“My VCI should provide a faster, better experience for the customer,” Bennett said. “They’ll be able to download the app and complete the inspection in 10 to 20 minutes, on their own time and without the need for a visit from an inspector.”

With the absence of inspectors and high level of automation, My VCI should cost about 60 percent to 80 percent less than an in-person vehicle inspection, Bennett said.

The new mobile app represents the latest in a series of investments the company has recently made in its nationwide vehicle claims services, which include damage appraisals and condition inspections for a variety of vehicles, an extensive managed repair network and towing services.

In 2011, the Company acquired ClaimHub, a web-based, centralized claims platform for dispatching, tracking and managing all assignments and work product involved in the auto claims process, to expand its product offering and further enhance its ability to interface with clients.

Crawford also launched a centralized claims center, Vehicle Services Connection, for 24/7 claims intake, damage assessment and oversight of complex losses, and established a transportation product team that focuses on high-value trucking claims.

Source: Crawford & Company