Updated Earthquake Risk Assessment Required at Nuclear Plants

By TAMMY WEBBER | February 4, 2012

  • February 4, 2012 at 3:59 pm
    mw knowles says:
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    regular safety checks and related matters SHOULD HAVE BEEN INSTITUTED WHEN REACTORS WERE CONSTRUCTED AND WENT ON-LINE. there should never have been any lag whatsoever at any time.
    the infrastructure of the usa is beyond the point of playing catch up. there hasn’t been adequate maintenance and repair let alone regular and thorough safety checks on most aspects of our infrastructure from our highway system, municipal water and sewer, electrical systems, bridges, dams and G-d knows what else. the usa ONCE spent like 12% of annual budget on infrastructure. (late 50’s) now I would be surprised if it is 2 or 3%. meanwhile, China, India and Japan are spending like 12% () China is off the hook w/ their hydro dam (the BIG one that will only provide 2-3% of regional electricity. and the cost of that dam…)
    why in the hell did the usa invest so much money and manpower in rebuilding Europe and Japan (after WWII?) we let our once promising and adequate railroad system fall into disrepair — because of the auto industry manufacturing automobiles that were made to fall into disrepair – all for profit for auto industry. and NOW…?
    oh, in my county (Sonoma) we have NO DEAD ANIMAL PICK UP ANY LONGER. wtf ius up w/ that?
    and, this month, the housing authority ‘created’ or ‘invented’ a way to substantially cut the number of units which will be available. suddenly they are super interested in seeing to it that ALL THEIR UNITS comply to a ‘new standard’ in that all outlets are grounded. why NOW!? what are we supposed to do? where will those of us who are totally disabled find safe, affordable and adequate housing?

  • February 4, 2012 at 4:01 pm
    mw knowles says:
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    my comment disppeared. this sucks. there should NEVER have been a lag in their safety protocal w/ nuclear reactors (and hydro dams, dams in general, bridges, municipal sewer and water…) we are headed DOWN.

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