Judge’s Approach to Curbing Malpractice Suits Gets $3 Million

June 24, 2010

  • June 28, 2010 at 8:40 am
    Bo says:
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    Neither first responders nor medical professionals are 100% perfect. Nobody is. When they do their absolute best to try and help someone and there’s a bad outcome…..the victim shouldn’t be entitled to anything. Nothing in life comes with a 100% guarantee much less tampering with a human body. People need to understand this. The alternative is for first responders and medical professionals to refuse to treat people for fear of getting sued.

    As for “malpractice”……the courts should read the definition and the standards that have to met to prove it. They’re very stringent. In the absence of malicious disregard for human life, being drunk or on drugs, or plain carlessness, there is no “malpractice”. An un-statisfactory outcome doesnt = malpractice.

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