Fireman’s Fund Introduces Data Compromise Coverage

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company has introduced Data Compromise, a coverage and service solution for businesses that provides legal consulting, customer notification services and credit monitoring as well as identity restoration for customers, employees and others affected by a data breach.

Fireman’s Fund’s Data Compromise coverage helps businesses respond quickly and effectively to a data breach, covering the costs to notify affected individuals and providing a suite of services, from credit report monitoring to identity theft restoration case management.

“Many state laws require businesses to notify individuals whose information has been compromised, and it’s only a matter of time before a Federal law is enacted,” said Mike Roney, senior director, commercial business at Fireman’s Fund. “In order to help our policyholders remain compliant, as well as maintain goodwill with their valuable customer base, we have created our Data Compromise coverage, which provides assistance throughout the data recovery process.”

Fireman’s Fund’s Data Compromise coverage provides professional assistance and consulting for the business affected as well as for their valued customers. The coverage includes:

Consultation – Fireman’s Fund works with the business to determine next steps in the event of a data breach, including a legal and forensic technology review.

Payment for Notification – Data Compromise pays for notification to those individuals affected by the breach of personal information – customers, employees and others.

Toll-Free Hotline and Credit Monitoring Service – Fireman’s Fund covers the establishment of a toll-free hotline for questions and information regarding the data breach, and provides access to a credit monitoring service.

Identity Theft Case Management Services – Individuals affected by a breach of their personal information will have access to one of the world’s leading security and identity recovery specialists during this process.

To complement the Data Compromise coverage, Fireman’s Fund has created a Data Security Resource Center on its iCustomer SeriesĀ® Web site with information on key data security issues and access to resources for identity theft restoration. This online Web resource is available to all commercial policyholders and provides a tool to assist in identifying key risks and exploring steps to reduce losses.

Source: Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company