Liberty Mutual Provides Online Access to Full Workers’ Comp Claims Docs

Boston-based insurer Liberty Mutual has added online access to full workers’ compensation claims documents to improve the claims management process. The company is one of the first insurers to provide those responsible for managing a claim instant online access to all of the related documents, while fully protecting the privacy of confidential medical information

“We made a great claims management system even better by slashing the time required for documents from outside resources – such as medical reports, bills and even digital photos – to be available in the system,” explains Kevin Carson, who manages the new process. “What took days can now happen in seconds. Outside partners can now send electronic versions of these reports, which instantly become part of our system. Other providers still send paper documents, which we now scan into the system within a day of arriving at Liberty Mutual.”

Customers of the Boston-based insurer can pull up these documents through RISKTRAC, Liberty Mutual’s online risk information system.

This faster access to a broader range of information on each workers’ comp claim helps policyholders because it allows greater focus on managing claims, the company says. Now documents automatically become part of the claims management system, where they are instantly available to anyone who touches a claim – from nurse case managers to legal counsel and everyone in between.

It also makes it even easier for everyone to work together to control a claim’s cost, the company added.

Liberty Mutual claims and service professionals will also be able to answer policyholder questions more quickly. According to Carson: “Now our employees instantly pull up key documents online to provide an immediate answer to a policyholder. They no longer need to look for reports in paper files and call back with the answer.” And with the ability to access information online through RISKTRAC, policyholders can quickly answer their own questions.

Liberty Mutual’s general liability policyholders will receive similar benefits next year, as the enhancement becomes part of the company’s approach to managing liability claims.

Source: Liberty Mutual Group