Markel, American Camp Association Partner to Study Camp Safety

The American Camp Association, in conjunction with Markel Insurance Company, will conduct a comprehensive study on illnesses and injuries at camp. The Healthy Camp study will gather illness and injury data from camps across the U.S. over the next five years.

The goals of the Healthy Camp study are to track camp illnesses and injuries, monitor trends in campers’ health, identify risk factors, and analyze appropriate intervention strategies. Study results will help camp operators understand when illnesses and injuries are most likely to occur, and the results will be used to evaluate interventions that will help camps become even safer than they are today.

“With this information, we anticipate positive developments in camp safety,” said Peg Smith, CEO of the American Camp Association. “The results of this study, combined with our anecdotal information, will allow us to create healthier camps.”

Camps participating in the study will designate one individual to collect information about the injuries and illnesses at the camp. This individual will be a camp health care director, camp nurse, or other camp health care professional appointed by the camp administration. Camp reporters will log onto the study’s Web site weekly to record their data.

A pilot study was conducted by the Ohio State University’s Children’s Research Institute (CRI). Researchers at CRI were responsible for collecting and analyzing the data and will continue their duties in the five-year Healthy Camp study.

“We look forward to partnering with the ACA on this study,” said Britton L. Glisson, president and chief operating officer of Markel Insurance Company. “Our primary goal is for youth to have healthy camp experiences.”

Markel Insurance Company is one of the largest insurers of camps in the U.S. and will fund the Healthy Camp study. Markel markets and underwrites specialty insurance products and programs to a variety of niche markets.

Source: American Camp Association