Tropical Storm Risk Reports More Hurricanes on the Way for U.S.

As the hurricane season recently entered its third month, a London-based storm forecaster reports that a higher-than-usual number of hurricanes are expected to hit the United States this year.

Tropical Storm Risk increased its outlook for hurricane activity in the Atlantic this year by 30 percent from its outlook last month on the expectation of higher-than-normal sea temperatures and winds in the region.

According to TSR, there is a very likely probability of an above-average number of tropical storms, which could intensify into hurricanes, resulting in landfall in the United States.

TSR forecasts a total of 22 tropical storms this season, which would be the highest recorded, with seven tropical storms hitting the United States during the June 1-Nov. 30 season. It reports that it is likely that three tropical storms will become hurricanes.

Its figures take into count the three tropical storms and Hurricane Dennis which have already hit the United States since the season started two months ago.

According to TSR, insurers pay an average of $3.0 billion in claims as a result of hurricane damage.

TSR bases its outlook on the higher-than-normal forecasts for trade wind speed between July and September along with the sea surface temperature for August and September for the Caribbean and Tropical North Atlantic region.